3 Differences Between Normal Paint And Eco-Friendly Paint

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Most of us don’t know that the pollution inside the house is three times higher than that outside. One of the major pollutants inside the house is VOC from paints. VOC is found in most paints that give off harmful gases and chemicals into the air. These are very harmful to the health and the environment. Manufacturers are now coming up with paints that have low VOC or no VOC at all. These paints are eco-friendly and are not harmful. Here are some differences between the normal paint and eco-friendly paint.

Harmful chemicals

The normal paints contain lots of harmful chemicals and a number of greenhouse gases. When the paint is applied outside, it blends with other pollutants in the air and forms smog. These gases pollute the air inside the house too. The eco-friendly paints, on the other hand, don’t contain any harmful chemicals or gases.


Paints that contain VOC cause a number of serious diseases like respiratory illness, headaches, allergy, fatigue, etc. The harmful substances can get released from the paint for as long as one year after the paint was applied. So, this long-term exposure to such toxic substances can be very hazardous. The eco-friendly paints don’t pose any risk to the health.


The eco-friendly paints are more expensive than the normal paints. That’s why many people still use the conventional paints. However, you should remember that you are using materials that are not harmful to health or the environment. So, the benefits are worth the cost.

The professional painters now recommend that you use paints that either have low VOC or no VOC. Even if it costs a bit more, you must use eco-friendly paints for your house.